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South Africa Nonduality Meetings

Jan - Feb ~ ZA Satsang, Cape Town

Jan/Feb, 2015, Cape Town, South Africa Please check back for satsangs with Aisha in the following destinations: England Scotland California, USA Paris, France Tiruvannamalai, India Svebølle,...
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Apr 19 - 26 ~ Retreat, Drakensburg, SA
Mar 22, 2015 Clicks: 5 Pagerank: 2 Comments

Apr 8 - 15 ~ Capetown, ZA Meeting

MEETINGS IN TRUTH with Isaac Shapiro & Meike Schütt This schedule is tentative. Check for changes before making plans. April 6 April 15 Cape Town, South Africa
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How To Install Pex Plumbing In A Home From Begin To End

Emergency service tends to price more, especially when a plumbing contractor has to function overnight. But to pursue and transfer forward in the career as a plumber you require to have correct...
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