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South Africa Nonduality Meetings

Jan - Feb ~ ZA Satsang, Cape Town

Jan/Feb, 2015, Cape Town, South Africa Please check back for satsangs with Aisha in the following destinations: England Scotland California, USA Paris, France Tiruvannamalai, India Svebølle,...
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Apr 19 - 26 ~ Retreat, Drakensburg, SA
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Apr 8 - 15 ~ Capetown, ZA Meeting

MEETINGS IN TRUTH with Isaac Shapiro & Meike Schütt This schedule is tentative. Check for changes before making plans. April 6 April 15 Cape Town, South Africa
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How To Install Pex Plumbing In A Home From Begin To End

Emergency service tends to price more, especially when a plumbing contractor has to function overnight. But to pursue and transfer forward in the career as a plumber you require to have correct...
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Money Conserving Plumbing Tips

Plumbers also have to regularly function in very high elevations and for very lengthy hours. Other components that must be cleaned include the fans and compressor. If it nonetheless persists,...
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